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Daily Performance Fuel For The Full Strength Man
World's First "Fast Performance Food" Shake Makes It Simple for 
Grown Men to Gain Lean Muscle, Melt Bodyfat and Restore Vitality 
A Decade of Excellence | Over 4 Million Served
  • 50% more MUSCLE than Exercise Alone
  • Drop 66% More Fat without Dieting
  • Complete Life Enhancing Meal in 5 min.
  • Not In Stores - Qualified members ONLY!
Full Strength is the delicious, convenient, nutrient rich 
performance food shake that keeps men in the prime fit, focused, vital and 
strong with a clinically proven precision nutrient array that 
up regulates your body and mind in just 5 minutes a day
The Inspired Full Strength Story
The Story of Full Strength is one of inspiration, experience, blood, sweat, tears and years invested. To create the proven science 
of muscle building (50%), fat loss (66%), energy boost (44%) and more...  Enjoy these short videos for a glimpse of the Full story.
What Makes It Special
Secret Blind Taste Test!
How It Works Like Magic
The Moment of Inspiration
The Strength of Science 
A Performance Food is Born
Meet The Great Shake Maker 
"The vision for a shake for men that was the next-level of a protein rich nutrition shake and a fully integrated meal simply came to me, in a vivid download one day while sitting in a cafe eating lunch.," says Full Strength creator, icon, author, innovator and all around renaissance man, Shawn Phillips.

In this video, Shawn shares his vision for a full strength life over 40. When most men are feeling the wear and tear of life, the integrated nutrition array in Full Strength (which is designed specifically to support the needs of a man in the middle) can help fight off the years, strip off the excess pounds, boost your muscle and life performance 
in a very real and powerful way. 
"The Highest Vision for Any Performance Nutrition Product is Not Simply to Make You Leaner, Stronger and Healthier but to Make you a Better, Happier, More Vital Man."
    ~ Shawn Phillips, Creator Full Strength 
"I don't know what I'd do without 
my daily miracle packet..."
Boosts lean muscle gains 50% *

In a 10-week clinical research study conducted at the University of Oklahoma (*The Oklahoma Study)  the group who consumer Full Strength daily gained 50% more lean muscle than the exercise only group. 

Clinically Proven results

Very few nutritional companies can lay claim to their own science. Full Strength has undergone the most rigorous, "gold standard" peer reviewed, published research study conducted by the University of Oklahoma. 

So Good IT's Not Available 
in Stores 

Full Strength in stores would cost twice as much or be made with the same cheap stuff others are. We set out to be the best, not the biggest. We choose premium ingredients. Small batch. Hand-built and cut out the middle-man.

the 5 min. 90% + Diet Hack 

As I've shared, if your diet is 90% your body will get an "A." Yet, diet is a major challenge for the busy, high-achiever on the go. A Full Strength daily can literally transform a C- diet to an A+ in weeks.

Enhances Weight Loss by
83% *

As you move forward in life fat seems to collect on your body ever more easily. Well, in *The Oklahoma University Study, those who enjoyed Full Strength daily lost 83% more than the exercise group--without dieting. 

Support optimal "T" Levels 

With each passing day Low-T is a bigger issue for men. it robs your energy, vitality and muscle; adding belly fat. Full Strength's influence on Insulin, the master-control hormone, may very well be how it supports optimal T-levels in men. 

Boosts Neurochemistry of Focus 

Many clients report a "tingling feeling up my spine" as Full Strength floods your brain with the raw fuel for dopamine, the master neurotransmitter for focus and drive. For a smooth, steady, strong 4 hours of focus. 

Boosts All Day Energy 44% *

When you think "energy" you likely think coffee. Yet, there is a deeper, more ever present level of energy that underlies your daily performance. This is where Full Strength excels, upgrading all day energy 44% in The Oklahoma Study.